How to avoid catching monkey pox

Started by klondike, July 29, 2022, 04:40:30 PM

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Think lifestyle choices. And I don't mean a barbeque makes you immune.


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Quote from: Michael Rolls on July 29, 2022, 05:15:37 PMlost on me  [2040]

I did explain it but then I removed my reply as I didn't want to spoil the guessing game for others. Lol  :grin:
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I think the message is, most normal people are at zero risk.
It's more of their fear porn, another hoax.


Virtually all of the victims are gay or bisexual men. The latest pronouncement is it can be caused by close contact. They didn't elabourate on which bits needed to be in close contact.

As Ashy says it is alarmist nonsense as only a tiny percentage of the world population are reported as having caught it and the known death count is one. Not One million. Not one thousand. Not one hunded but one. Doubtless a tragedy for the single victim's friends and family but hardly a reason for the WHO calling it an emergency. More an attempt by this discredited organisation to justify its existence.

Flying Bomb

The gays are all lining up at Guy's Hospital in London for the 
Monkey pox jab as another person has died.


The propaganda worked then. Strange world we live in.