hose pipe ban ??

Started by alfred, July 27, 2022, 08:34:55 AM

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its expected  that an hosepipe ban will shorty be introduced, i wonder why not bring it   in  now , ?? and help save draining the reservoir's unnecessarily,  the government should act  immediately,  other wise some people will waste water unnecessarily, regardless , of others who are considerate, and use water wisely, and sparingly,.

Q; do you think the government should act now , better to be that little bit safer, earlier, than take a  chance  until we get some rain to replenish and conserve our water, what are your views and will you share them with us,


Government rules..!!!   Who gives a shit about rules.. !!   :nooo:
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


IMO, Government rules only suit them, and make life awkward for the rest of us.  :boo:


I got an email from United Utilities offering us a cheaper water butt.  It is probably good to have one because rain water is better for plants.

I remember my aunt heating water from her water butt to wash my hair.


I remember being fascinated watching the fly nymphs rising and sinking in my fathers water butt.


My grass is yellowy brown. I have cut it once this year. What's not to like?


A water butt is only handy if you get some rain.. !!   We haven't had any for weeks..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Why increase the population by 3.5 million in the last 10 years and not have the infrastructure to cope?  We had floods here before Christmas, I know the weather has been dry but surely they can dig more reseviours  to store more water we need for this  increasing population, we are a wet country normally. 

Problems with the electricity supply, now drought problems, shortages of NHS staff.  I know the government can't work miracles but we vote for these clowns for a reason to keep the country functioning, what the hell are they doing all day? there are no long term plans from either of the main parties, they should forsee potential problems and  plan for the future, just like they tell us to do.  It's no good leaving it all to private companies they will only want profits not to solve the problems.,

Michael Rolls

apparently there is talk of a new huge reservoir to serve London. If it ever gets started show be ready around 2037!
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15 years to dig a hole? they were built in less time that that then they had to be done by pick and shovel.


They usually block off and flood valleys rather than dig holes. Probably finding the valley and getting everything signed off is the problem.


We had rain at the weekend, water butt is around 1/4 full again. I also use washing up water on my tubs.
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Quote from: Jacqueline on July 27, 2022, 02:12:22 PM15 years to dig a hole? they were built in less time that that then they had to be done by pick and shovel.

They should get the Labour Party involved. They have decades of experience in hole digging?
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