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Started by alfred, July 26, 2022, 08:21:11 AM

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i wonder will buying on line take over completely from actual shopping in shops as more well known names are disappearing from the high street, and appearing on line when searching the net,

Q, how times are changing, what are your thoughts,


I think supermarkets will continue but the rest probably not.


Quote from: klondike on July 26, 2022, 08:28:33 AMI think supermarkets will continue but the rest probably not.

Pretty much what I think, I don't buy clothes up here I do it when I'm down in Perth. I only go to Matalan, Bonmarche and George, I like Next but refuse to pay through the nose for their stuff, sometimes give them a lookin if they have a sale on. When I was in Perth a few weeks ago I was in there and I saw a white blouse I really liked untill I saw they wanted £40 for it. It went back on the rail.


I don't mind online shopping if it is easy to return goods.. I try to stick to the brands I am familiar with.. especially when it comes to footwear..
I still enjoy looking around the shops and 'feeling' the goods.. but I think that will become a thing of the past..
My grandchildren mostly shop online because that is what they have become accustomed to..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..

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I hardly ever go into a shop other than the newsagent since the pandemic started. Before, I would nip into the little Co-op a couple of miles away perhaps five times a week - fresh fruit/vegetables/pastries, etc.. Been in once since lockdown started - it is frequented by the East European workers from the chicken factory next door - which has been closed down three times (so far) for Covid outbreaks - and seeing the way the workers congregate, can't say that I am surprised.
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Had to go to the bank yesterday and noticed a big shop that used to be Bon Marche and closed down is being done up and going to be a Pavers shop.   Paver's here in Carmarthen lucky me, :yay: I can now go in and try the shoes without ordering them online then having to pay for them to be returned when they don't fit - heaven :clap: :clap: :clap:

I hate online shopping, many a thing I have ordered I wouldn't have if I had seen it and felt the material first, then all the faff and expense of returning things.  I only order clothes online these days if I have seen the item in the shop and they haven't got my size.  

Marks and Spencer's, who I used to buy most of my clothes from but no more as their stuff is rubbish quality these days, put their online clothes on a black skinny model that must be 6ft plus, gives you no idea of what thing may look like on someone like me who is barely 5ft and a size 18.  


Marks & Spencer was always my first stop for T Shirts, but the last couple of years the cotton has been like dish-cloth material.  I did see some nice tops in Next, they are more expensive but the material is better quality so I guess you get what you pay for.   We've still got a Bon Marche in Ellesmere Port, they have some nice clothes - if you look !!!!
Shoes I think you need to try on, well done Jacq on your new Pavers shop.  We've got one in a garden centre would you believe, and one in Chester, but the city is horrendous for parking. 
On-line shopping I tend to use more for household stuff


I rarely buy clothes online, but then I don't buy many clothes! Bon Marche is no more here, I like their linen trousers so I may have a look online for replacements.

T shirts - supermarkets are affordable and have plenty of choice, and I treated myself to a summer dress from Seasalt a couple of weeks ago. I also bought some walking sandals from Trespass, less than half price, bargain!

M&S have some very strange offerings these days. 😳
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