Unfair. IMO.

Started by Raven, July 19, 2022, 11:30:32 AM

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I know the Royals have an image to keep up but REALLY, this is not on in the heat just now. Surely they could let them take off those jackets and be in short sleeves. While the Palace will have all the cooling going to keep the Royals comfortable. The guards, again IMO only, should have a summer uniform as well as a winter one.
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Shops have cut out coppers.....

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It does seem a bit extreme to wear the full rig in any normal 'hot' summer, let alone one a bit hotter than normal.
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It's a tradition to have guardsmen collapsing from heat exhaustion though.


Then it's time it was stopped. :angry: Disgusting way to carry on. :downvote: 


It's probably done for the tourists...


Makes me wonder, If a illegal dingy boy was taken, put in the full rigmarole,and made to stand without moving all day. How long before all the human rights muppets started shouting Foul. :waiting: But as it's a native Brit it's ok. Pfft. :wtf:


Perhaps they could change the guard more often.

Or do what they do in Khartoum, whatever that is.


Quote from: Raven on July 19, 2022, 12:10:47 PMThen it's time it was stopped. :angry: Disgusting way to carry on. :downvote: 

I completely agree and very dangerous too, my sympathies to the poor chap and how absurd he can't take it within his own hands to drink! Well done Mr Plod!
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Not sure about the Guards on parade, but there have been a few deaths of soldiers in recent times on training exercise.  I remember a few years back, I think it was two or three died whilst doing SAS selection in the Brecon Beacons on the hottest day of that year.  I am not surprised though, since when did the army ever care for soldiers?


Naughty.. very naughty.. The palace should step into the 21 century..
Guards should have lightweight summer wear..
I doubt there are any within the palace being (military men) could stand for lengths of time in souring temps..
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