electronic toys,are they a good thing?

Started by alfred, January 03, 2022, 09:00:35 AM

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With the advance of tablets. computers and smart phones of which many children seem to have , where as in the past younger children played with plasticine, pencil or paper to draw on , boys played with, and still like to play with train sets , girls with dolls.,

plus of course , skipping ropes, tennis balls ,
then other toys such as mechano sets,   and Lego plastic coloured bricks.
all designed to make a child creative , making them think what else they could either build or make,

so has the electronic world virtually finishing off the way children of the past were use to entertained them selves, and learned how to think for them selves,

where as now in the 21st century children rely on the technological age to help them, work out problems, as they compare notes on face book as they explain and talk to each other for other on lookers to read what they are doing ? so there's no privacy in their conversations , every one knows what they are planning to do, and when,

Q; what are your thoughts and will you share them with us,


For better or worse children of two can find stuff on youtube on mummies phone.


I hate those Remote Control Trucks, cars ect. :downvote: When Dageus was a puppy we were at the park and this teenage brat was messing with one. He thought it would be fun to aim it at poor Dageus who was terrified and tried to run out of it's reach but it followed him everywhere and I couldn't get a hold of him. Eventually I went up to the boy and smacked the control out of his hand and threw it into the bushes. :nooo: I then managed to get hold of Dageus and get a lead on him. The boy was livid and threatened me with all sorts, luckly a lady had filmed it all on her phone and came over and showed it to him, asking me if I wanted to charge the brat and she would be a witness. Never heard a peep about it and never seen the brat again. Now if ones in the park the problem is stopping Dageus attacking it. lol. I usually spot it before he does and he gets put back in the car and we head of to walk elsewhere.  :wink:


while playing football i was almost hit by a remte control model aircraft almost three foot wingspan..
i have to admit it was in more pieces when he collected it than it was when it landed [they dont bounce when kicked]..... :nooo:


My dads Hobby was building these planes from scratch, his Man Cave at the bottom of the garden was full of them. Here he is with some of them. Oh I wasn't born then it was late 1940s. Soooo......I didn't take the photos.  :rofl:


I remember my father teaching me how to build balsa and tissue gliders or rubber powered planes. Took ages to build. A lot longer than they survived which was sometimes just the one flight.

Those diesel engined model cars are manic. Scale speeds must be in the hundreds. Must have been radio controlled and I didn't realise that was done then. Probably miniature valves no transistors back then.


Hello Raven what lovely photos , who ever took  those pictures was very good,


Quote from: alfred on January 03, 2022, 03:56:46 PM
Hello Raven what lovely photos , who ever took  those pictures was very good,

It was my mum, she's who I got my love of photography from. When ever we all used to go out on a Sunday afternoon walk she would have a camera with her.


The top ones a Western Lysander and the bottom is a Waco CG-4A glider, both WW2 vintage.

Your superb pics have taken me back years. Building and flying them, sometimes to destruction or non recovery floating in the middle of a reservoir. Dozens of hours gone in erstwhile nearly tearful sacrifice.

I think the cars either a Lea Francis or a Frazer Nash, both pre-war magic!

Handsome chap your dad.
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lol,,,, i was just thinking how much she resembled her dad...


Quote from: crabbyob on January 03, 2022, 06:45:14 PM
lol,,,, i was just thinking how much she resembled her dad...

Really? I don't see it.  :shocked:


My parents eventually moved to a house with a garage (no car) which my father turned into a workshop. Despite being only partially sighted he made wonderful wooden toys for a local charity - mostly train sets and forts.


Although the grandkids are digital whizzes, they do still like books, Lego, card games etc. and the two oldest also play instruments.   OH and I were playing Kerplunk with the youngest last night!  😁

I see their skills around IT being invaluable for the future, but I like the fact that they do other stuff as well.
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


I bought my son-in-law a Lego model kit of his favourite motor bike for Christmas.
His eyes lit up when he saw it.. He even took a pic of it to send to his mates.. Boys toys eh!!
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Quote from: GrannyMac on January 04, 2022, 09:34:40 AM
OH and I were playing Kerplunk with the youngest last night!  😁
Great game for the little ones.
Hungry Hippos maybe not the right message.
Bucking Bronko(?) and Mousetrap(?) often a disappointment as they are a bit complex in setup and often don't work.
Scalextric - gets boring in less time than it takes to set up for me but is still popular.

Board games must be the big casualties. They require a sizeable chunk of the family to participate and from what I see of even 30+ year olds their lives seem to revolve around social media and most free moments get used for that. Often a bit too complicated for under 8s and by the time they are 8 tablets and YouTube hold more of an attraction.

All sad but the world is an ever changing place.