The perfect shoes..

Started by Scrumpy, July 09, 2022, 09:25:32 AM

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My new shoes arrived .. They were perfect.. 
I immediately put them.. and wore them for the day around the house..
I have never had a pair of shoes so comfortable.. They will become my favourite shoes and I will wear them forever..
 Today they hurt my feet.. What happened to my shoes overnight... ?
Can anyone solve this mystery.. ?
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..

Michael Rolls

are you sure that it isn't your feet? Some folk find that their feet swell slightly overnight (pitting oedema) which disappears once you start moving around. Presumably, when you put the shoes on yesterday, you had already been moving around
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Are your feet hotter today? if they are then that can cause problems.


Same thing has happened to me.  Many a time I have bought shoes wandered around the shop and they seemed perfectly comfy, first wearing they killed me.  Why does this happen Scrumpy? it is indeed a mystery sorry I can't offer an answer.


Water retention is another possibility.  What make did you go for Scrumpy ? I'm still reluctant to buy shoes on line.


Alex, I bought some from Pavers  in Burleydam Garden Centre on the A41 and I'm pleased with them.  They don't do half sizes but I'm fine with a foam sock in them.  I got the ones with a zip as I walk a lot.


I like Pavers shoes, I'll have a look on line first see if any I fancy, then go over to Burleydam :upvote:


Pavers is my first choice too.  Gone are the days when I wouldn't have been seen dead without a high healed shoe, now it's comfort every time. 


I wear Sketchers.. Pavers.. Rieker.. They always have nice soft leather..
But I will also buy 10 pound shoes in a Shoe Zone if they are soft..
The shoes I bough were middle of the road sliders.
They were absolutely fine all day but the next day they rubbed my foot.. for no apparent reason..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Mrs Oy swears by ECCO leather shoes. Not cheap but they last ages and she says nothing comes close for everyday comfort.
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I have some Ecco boots, Hotter shoes and Reiker sandals. But the comfiest of all - Skechers.
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