Where are all the workers.?

Started by Scrumpy, July 02, 2022, 06:23:03 PM

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I am watching a programme called The Savoy..
It takes you into the famous hotel and shows how different areas operate..
They are trying to get back to normal after suffering loss of business during the Pandemic.
 They have a shortage of staff ,having to let people go during closure... This , of course , happened in all areas not just the hospitality trade..
What puzzles me is why.? Where have all staff gone.?
Of course some find other work ... but not all..
Some shops have closed their doors permanently .. as have many eateries.. So there must be many, many people looking for work..
So, where are the workers.. ?

Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


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Impossible to cook a meal.. make a bed.. listen to a heartbeat... clean a window or fly a plane from home..
etc: etc:
I am aware that some have returned to their own countries..  But with more coming here from other places why.. why are we lacking shortages of workers..!!
We are one of the most overcrowded countries.. So, does anyone know why.. If we have so many people here why the hell is there a shortage of workers..!!
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


The hospitality industry is hard work, unsocial hours, and not very highly paid.  But still better than being unemployed....isn't it?

I can't get into the mindset of anyone below retirement age not expecting to work. A minority will have genuine reasons.
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


Who is paying all these non- workers.. ?
Down the dole office way back if you didn't take the 2/3 job offered to you .. you couldn't claim..
I haven't seen a dole centre in years.. Are claims made online.. ?   
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I suspect that getting paid 80% for sitting on their backsides, not having the expenses associated with going to work and actually being prohibited from working for the employer paying them during lockdown set a lot to thinking.....


The amount of National Insurance numbers issued in 2021 to foreign nationals was m 270,000, 2020 it was 540,000, that's the legals.  They all need housing, NHS etc.etc. their kids sent to school, where do we put them?

The question asked where are the workers? what are these people coming here to do? why can't the jobs be filled?  How many eastern Europeans actually went back to those who stayed?  I really can't see why we have this worker deficit, we also have youngsters leaving education seperate NI figures to the above, lack of workers makes no sense.

Further to the above, the only extra workers I see by the score are middle eastern and Turkish barbers, do we really need these?

And further to the above, a local young lady I know went for a job at a Turkish Barbers shop, she was refused because she was a woman! he actually told her that.  I advised her to take him to an Employment Tribuneral but she won't, silly girl.


My thoughts exactly.. We must be paying out vast amounts of money to those not employed.. Yet firms can't find the workers to fill the posts.. 
I've worked it out.. Silly me.. :nooo:
They must be getting enough from the government so it is easier to stay at home..
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Quote from: Scrumpy on July 02, 2022, 08:14:49 PMWho is paying all these non- workers.. ?

In reality Scrumps our great grandchildren, or heirs reigns and successors in title, as excessive 'money printing' or quantitive easing as the Woke call it today postpones debt 'mañana' as a consequence of living beyond our means. We are issuing the IOU's today they will either have to repay, or re-new. A sort of never ending conveyor belt of debt. Of course as a spoiler they will have many 3 bed ex Council Terraced Houses in East Ham to inherit valued as £12 million plus each!
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And there is the truth.. 
Council houses that were purchased by the tenant way back are now gaining value..
A short while back buyers wanted PRIVATE areas to purchase and live in a property..
There is no stigma now. A FOR SALE sign on a council property gets snapped up.. With the seller making a high profit..
It is certainly true around these parts.. However  houses in the 'posher' part of Reigate cost millions... Some don't even have off road parking.. !!
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..