If you don't like our pronoun badges...

Started by klondike, July 01, 2022, 10:04:47 AM

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... take a hike. Say The Halifax Bank.

Customers can take their business elsewhere if they do not approve of the use of the implementation of gender pronoun nametags, Halifax Bank has said.

This week Halifax Bank, a subsidiary of the Lloyds Banking Group, posted on social media a picture of one of its employees wearing a name tag with the pronouns "she/her/hers" listed under her name with the caption: "Pronouns matter."

The encroachment of woke identity politics on high street banking drew fierce backlash on social media from users who urged the bank to leave gender ideology at the door and focus on handling money.

Novelist and former Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts, who said he had been banking with Halifax since 1988, wrote: "Telling their customers to bugger off if they don't like their highly contentious political stances – that's the Halifax!"

Reclaim Party deputy leader Martin Daubney added: "Pronouns *don't* matter, Halifax. No/One/Cares".


IMO it's time this woke nonsense stopped.


How pathetic that one has to have ones name and what pronouns one wants used on a badge in a place of work. 

Next they will accuse a bloke of getting all pervey taking a close look at a woman's right/left boob to read her badge.



I think it's backfired for Halifax though, as people are closing their accounts en masse.


Very glad to hear it, serves them right.


Natwest, Nationwide and HSBC all have optional pronoun policies for badges.  HSBC even shared the Halifax post,  tweeting its 101,000 followers: 'We stand with and support any bank or organisation that joins us in taking this positive step forward for equality and inclusion. It's vital that everyone can be themselves in the workplace'.

Borrocks !

Michael Rolls

well, I was myself in the workplace - I worked hard and didn't pretend to be some sort of snowflake
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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It seems to me that the vast majority of us and being made to change our ways so as a tiny minority get what they want and are not offended.

Well I am offended by this and I am very offended by what my grandchildren are being taught in school.  I have a lovely 15 year old grand daughter and I don't want anything with a willy in a changing room or toilet with her.

Chest feeding indeed.  I think I had better shut up now.