Vacuum cleaners.

Started by alfred, June 29, 2022, 10:01:18 AM

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Over the years there have been from time to time smarter  and clever hoovers coming on the market , and equally over time these vacuum cleaners have not only changed but got  better suction and so on,

in the past vacuum cleaners made a lot of noise but the suction of those machines weren't all  that powerful, today its a different stories where by price matters a lot ,
some machines are well over £300 pounds or more ,where as others at the low end are considerably that much cheaper , 

Q; so when it comes to getting the hoover out which in your opinion is the best one to buy and use , and of course we all have our own ideas when it comes to  hoovering  the carpet,


Ever since the first Dyson came out I've stuck with them. I found them excellent to use and love the no bag idea, I just empty the cylinder after each use.


Quote from: Raven on June 29, 2022, 10:03:28 AMEver since the first Dyson came out I've stuck with them. I found them excellent to use and love the no bag idea, I just empty the cylinder after each use.
Yep same here :)
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I always had a Dyson upright..
 But I recently changed it for a Shark Upright..She is not cordless.. She is black and has a cylinder for emptying.. many attachments.. which I seldom use.. I get on well with her..
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I have got a Shark cordless, it's very good for everyday cleaning and I don't wind myself up in the cord.  Usually they all lose their suction over time see how this one goes.  My friend has one and she says after a year it's not so good, but she has a very hairy dog to pick up after and I don't, so far so good. 

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used Dysons ever since they came out. Bought a lighter one some years ago when Veronica began to find the original too heavy for her. Still in use after about 7 years. Gave the original away (I think - memory a bit vague)
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Weight seems to be a problem with upright cleaners.. They are a bugger for getting up and down the stairs..
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Something for voters to ponder. ..
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We've recently bought a shark cordless vac and what i've found is because of its light weight and not having the faff of plugging it in I'm more inclined to use it more readily for even small "messes" instead of probably leaving it until the whole carpet needs vaccuming.


Miele was always my favourite, but their cordless were too expensive so I bought a Dyson.  It's ok, but better when it's on full power, then of course it doesn't last as long.


I really do need a cordless one for downstairs but where do you put all these extras..!! 
It' like bloody garden  Strimmers.. I've had so many.. Trying to get the cord in right so it doesn't snap off is a pain..
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