Gary Lineker

Started by Alex, June 22, 2022, 02:36:55 PM

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Our Gary has said that he was subjected to racism at school due to his "darkish skin".

One of the best black players to wear the England shirt  :grin:  :grin:  :grin:


I've heard he's a very contrite and complicated entity. He's obviously intent on impressing his woke views on as many people as he can, using 'Football' as the excuse. Perhaps he'll go the way of Marr, Sopel, Maitland and Kunesbarg, all now ex BBC biased 'sirens', to a new independent platform prepared to coalesce his position. At £1.4 million a year methinks he'll need a very hard push. Another closet hard faced remoaner I'm afraid, who's not keeping up with reactive trends.
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One of the greediest ex footballers..
He tried to win popularity by saying he would house some of the boat people.. That back fired and he became the butt of many a joke..
So now he is saying that he was 'subject to racism due to his dark skin'.. !!
The man is an attention seeking prat..
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He may/ may not have have darker skin (he doesen't look any darker than most to me) but he is English so he says, so how can he have been the subject of racism by the same race? or were there other races having a go?

My maternal grandma's family all had dark hair, when they moved from London to Harefield (hardly any distance at all, but country coming from London in the 1890's) the local kids ganged up on them and said they were Italian, was that racism? I hardly think so, just local kids picking on the newcomers, bullying really, everybody must have known everybody back then, it happens, it happened to us when we moved to Devon, another story.



That filter has lightened him up a bit too.

I took a selfie and put myself through the face app gender filter. I was impressed. And flattered. About the only bit I recognise in it is the t shirt.



You scrub up very nicely klondike, have you ever considered a permenant change?????? :nooo: :nooo:

No offence intended- honest!!!!!


It would take a while to get me looking like that. I have a beard for starters and there is no way I'd go back to daily shaving.