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Good start. I'll only believe it after the plane has taken off on the return journey with none still in it though.

If it works this will go some way towards saving Boris's bacon. Is the second flight taking off that afernoon?

Oh dear. Perhaps I shouldn't have started reading it...
However, the court also granted human rights groups permission to appeal the decision, which they say they will do on Monday.

I saw a different story on the same page

Migrant crossings: Asylum seeker who fled war says he would rather die than be sent to Rwanda

I didn't know we were offering an alternative.


I don't know, be good if it was two a day ! or even 3  :cool:
They should start by deporting the men accused of 11 rapes in the last few weeks which happened in various parts of the country.


After a surgical procedure...


While I'm at it, they can also take  Arbaz Khan, Aizaz Khan, Amaad Shakiel, Mohammed A Hussain, Adam Qayum & an unnamed 17-year-old who slashed and killed a 19 year old white lad in Bradford last October.


Knowing their luck they will be flying EasyJet..
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Just saw this on the Mail website. It seems that the court of appeal has given the go ahead for the flight taking ayslum seekers considered to have dubious claims to Rwanda.

Now I suppose this might be cosidered good news by those in favour (most people I know) but is it? I think there were only 100 to start with and the Mail piece says that is down to 8. It hasn't taken off yet either so I think there is a good chance it  will be reduced further.

Can a Cessna make it there? If it can the capacity is a better fit for the load than an airliner.

Court of Appeal judges give go ahead for first flight taking migrants to Rwanda to depart tomorrow - but just EIGHT asylum seekers are set to be on board because of legal challenges
Lord Justice Singh said High Court judge did not make any errors in his decision
Flight will almost certainly now go ahead, although not clear how many on board
Around 100 people originally notified, but legal challenges whittled this down

June 13, 2022, 05:32:59 PM
After reading a bit more it seems that one of the complaints is a possible lack of legal representation for these asylum seekers in Rwanda. I have a very simple solution to that. Put their lawyers on the plane with them - there are apparently plenty of spare seats now.


That's a good idea klondike  :grin:   Another idea I read somewhere, plan to send 350 on the flight so when the leftie lawyers get half of them off, there'd still be a full plane   :grin:


Ah yes  the EasyJet ploy...


Of course what needs to be introduced is a complete ban on any legal challenges.

I voted for MPs to make these decisions which affect my country, I didn't vote for lawyers & the courts to make them.
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Withdrawal from the ECHR and adoption of our own updated legislation to replace it is the way forward. We still need to help genuine refugees but must have the power to turn away economic migrants.


At the moment the opening salvoes from the Islington/Camden set of ECHR legal aid protagonists are in full fire. As the process of originating 'ex parte innjuctions' progresses, each one's detail will be scrutinised by the team acting for the Home Office. In time the declined objection raised by Mr. Aswan in his monition, also later denies Mr Patel's et al who are in similar circumstance. Eventually the supply of reasons is exhausted and the 'lefty' judges in chambers supply also runs out. Remember too, they (issueing judges) have to ensure they are not originating foundless papers, redundant by previous rejection. Something the Law Society frowns upon I can tell you. Also these matters are costly. Im very surprised the way the judiciary to date has in my opinion entirely and correctly found for The Home Secretary and Im still very suspicious of an inevitable sting in the tail somewhere. Keir Starmer is an unashamed machiavellian.

Notice how the PM has failed to even support Pritti Patel in her brave stand, until he's absolutely sure which way the wind is blowing, when he'll claim full kudos as usual.

When that first plane leaves, doesn't matter if there's only one loser on board, the runway for exponential inevitability is cleared to expand the trail. The economic migrants with their machinated stories of cruelty etc are exposed and the supply staunched. Trouble is it's already too late ...
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As I stated in a similarly themed thread 'every little helps' repetitive injuctive attempts at delay, will be seen as such and rejected.

That has in fact already taken place once this morning.

[email protected] will next try for 'judicial review' and the Tory Party must stand firm against it, even turncoats and remainers such as Ellwood and Hunt.

Thank goodness the future King can't vote - We owe Cromwell a lot!
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I do believe the tories will stand firm about this..
People moaned because they were doing nothing ,now they are screaming blue murder because they are doing something..
Other then sinking the boats out at sea there is little alternative..
I hope they stick to their guns..
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So do I, the government makes the laws and it's not for the church, protesters, or human rights lawyers to get involved. This would never have happened a few years back. I'm all for the illegals being shipped out at once, as soon as they arrive here.
I saw a programme about Rowanda a few weeks back, and what the people being sent there are getting, seems far better than what they get here.