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Started by alfred, June 10, 2022, 07:56:23 AM

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Recently i saw a house across the road having the windows cleaned , the two men 
had a barrow like trolley with a long flexible hose which had an extension to which it could easily reach up to the bedroom windows on the floor above ,

evident window cleaners are no longer allowed to climb ladders as its to do with health and safety , i noticed unlike the old fashioned window cleaner that when the windows had been washed the water was running down the walls for a short while before the wall eventually dried , to me it looked a messy way to clean windows where as a bottle of window cleaner would have been easier to lean out the window and clean without all the mess that the more modern way of cleaning is now being carried out,

i clean my windows simply by leaning out which iv done all my life saving money without the mess ,

Q; do you clean your own windows or do you employ a window cleaner, and will you share your thoughts with us, 


I clean the windows as it's a bungalow type home and I use a wee step ladder to reach the window tops. I use white vinegar and warm water then dry with newspaper. Come up grand.


I sit on the window sill and lean out... Upstairs can be a bugger sometimes but, at the moment i am able to do them..
I wouldn't like water running down the outside of my house.. It is painted white.. !!
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Doesn't it rain in posh areas Scrumpy?  :grin:

Michael Rolls

I use a local lad who comes once a month - £16 for a large bungalow, Trying to reach up  would kill my back, so worth every penny
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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It rains here. Does my car too. With all the traffic that goes by I could have them washed weekly and they would still be dirty. If it gets so I can't see out I chisel the muck off myself.


We had a couple of lads that did the windowd once a fortnight at our old house. Soapy mop glove then a windscreen wiper blade thing. Up ladders to the upstairs too. Charged us £4 a time just for the front.

I haven't seen any near our new gaff yet.
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My dad and his friend did window cleaning as a second job when I was young. 

We have been in this place 16 years and I have never seen a window cleaner, I have asked people who know one to pass on my details but no luck.  My windows sure need a good clean, a job for somebody?


I can clean the downstairs windows, but upstairs is a real problem due to an extension at the back of the house.  I try not to look out of mine  :grin:


Net curtains are the answer....  :grin: