Rule Change ?

Started by Alex, June 07, 2022, 06:07:31 PM

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Tobias Ellwood, who voted against the prime minister, said he understands the heads of the 1922 Committee of backbench Tory MPs are now looking at altering the rules, so the leader of the Tory party could face another confidence vote within a year of surviving one.


No party with this degree of inner conflict has ever won an election.

I have read that that threat was put to May and could have lead to her stepping down.

Certainly the confidence votes for both came before the real poo hit the fan. Boris still has two by elections to come which will likely be lost plus the select committee report on whether he mislead the house which he almost certainly did.

Both votes have been pretty farcical so they should at least boost the threshold before a vote is held or make more visible how many letters are actually in.


And the alternative is........ :wtf:
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Altering the rules in order to get the result they require..!!!
 WRONG... Very WRONG...

Surely you can't make rules then change them to suit yourself.!!!!!  Politicians can't do that.. can they.?  :grin:
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I cannot now see them getting rid of Boris no one stands out to take his place. With Sharmer & Rayner running the labour party no hope for them. Mid term elections are very often lost so quite expected. Boris now got a few weeks to make progress in the cost of living.

June 07, 2022, 08:40:52 PM
Scrumpy nothing in the rule book  saying the rule cannot be changed but very unlikely to happen. Far too close to a general election. If they have any commonsense they all pull together behind Boris and get some work done or most of them will be looking for a career change.
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Does nobody accept the result of a fair election these days?  The remoaners didn't, the Scottish independence didn't, now the Torys.  Surely if the majority vote for something the losers should shut up and accept defeat, but nobody is prepared to do that these days.

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losing gracefully seems to be a lost art amongst politicians
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i think Boris should call all the assassins in in small groups and ask them just how much is Starmer paying them, the country [like most of the world] is rolling backward into depression and these selfserving morons are doing their Brutus the PM lied... Wilson told us the pound in our pockets was worth the same today as it was yesterday,, yet yesterday you got 240 penny caramels for a pound but today we only got 100...tHATCHER gazed into the lens of the TV cameras and stated "we have no intention in closing the mines" so what happened to them then?... every PM lies without batting an eye almost every day of their lives... but these fools are trying for teflon coats before the next election.. he should strip them bare, withdraw the whip, send them back to their constituencies with their tales between their legs, with draw all of them from whatever committees they get their bonuses from... or just simply return the compliment and phone the chair of the selection committee in all their constituencies explaining the damage their MP is doing to their party...


If they did, Farage would be in No 10 within two years.
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Quote from: 1955vintage on June 08, 2022, 08:23:58 PMIf they did, Farage would be in No 10 within two years.

Might not be a bad thing.


What he says tallies very closely with my views for sure. That suggests to me that he'll never be PM.