Jeremy Hunt

Started by Alex, June 06, 2022, 12:04:36 PM

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What a conniving slime ball ! it didn't take him long to break cover did it ?  The anti Brexit MP is deffo looking to be the next UNELECTED Prime Minister.
What do others think about Hunt  ?

Michael Rolls

someone I used to know, practice manager of a large health centre - when Hunt was SoS Health insisted on referring to the man in rhyming slang
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Yes I seem to remember an interviewer making that slip of the tongue on telly.


Appalling man, utterly useless as Health Secretary....
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Boris will survive the vote. Thatcher was persuaded to stand down just because she didn't win a leadership challenge outright when she didn't actually need to by the rules at the time but Boris would have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. Look at all the cash that went into making the place look like an Indian brothel for starters. What a waste if he gets the boot.


Do you know what an Indian brothel looks like klondike ?   :?:  :cool:


hes lying Alex i never told him anything


Quote from: 1955vintage on June 06, 2022, 12:27:21 PMAppalling man, utterly useless as Health Secretary....
I agree completely. Both similarly dishonest and slippery but at least Boris has a personality and other world leaders appear to like him..


Jeremy Hunt.. !!
Sneaky.. Little eyes that are too close together ..
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Quote from: Alex on June 06, 2022, 05:22:34 PMDo you know what an Indian brothel looks like klondike ?  :?:  :cool:
Actually no as I have never visited the sub continent. There were some pictures of some of the designers other work in the papers at the time and they did match what I would guess one may resemble though. This may even be the real thing. It's from a story of the £840 a roll wallpaper falling down.

It does seem it may be a more up market one than the picture I found though


An abomination. A second rate, over rated narrow minded waste of oxygen. If cows are made to wear masks in St Boris's new green world, this 'man' should have one fitted without ventilation!

Right there in the style of another cheap cheat, Theresa May.
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The bit I heard said he got a lower percentage supporting him than she did...


Hunt May and their gang of 148 have been planning this for some time. I would be interested to know how many of this gang were remainers.
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I think a fair percentage of the whole party were. 

There will be a variety of reasons behind their no confidence vote and with some it will be revenge for Brexit but I doubt it will be all of them and equally expect some of the yes side will have been remainers too. 

I can't see there being any chance of persuading folks to vote to rejoin but that's maybe because I never would.


Quote from: klondike on June 07, 2022, 04:10:24 PMI can't see there being any chance of persuading folks to vote to rejoin but that's maybe because I never would.

Actually they don't have to. Ellwood, Hunt, (&co), Starmer, Sturgeon, Green and Libdems would agree to an 'Alignment Treaty' with the EU upon a change of government, similar but obviously not as good as the deal Norway holds with them. Because its not a 'Constitutional' matter, no referendum is necessary as we would not be 're-joining' the EU. However it's effects would shackle us to them forever more. It could be ratified and passed within three months and would re-admit us to both the 'Single Market' and 'The Customs Union'.

We would of course accept the ECJ as final arbiter in all disputes

Brexit in name only.
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