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Started by Alex, May 31, 2022, 04:21:49 PM

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I put a joke up about fans travelling in dinghies to the European Cup Final.  Since that posting, the situation became serious. 
Many people blaming fans again for the chaos that occurred, but
there are clips of Real Madrid fans being treated badly too, but the Police didn't use tear gas on them.  Photos of people climbing fences to get in, the majority of whom were speaking Arabic and some French - so locals !
What annoys me is fans of other clubs slagging off the Liverpool fans when really it could easily have been Chelsea or Man City fans who were pepper sprayed and tear gassed.   British fans should be backing each other up, they've all been on the receiving end of Italian and French police brutality.  Fortunately the Sky News team was caught up in it all, well not "fortunately" but they can confirm what was actually happening.  Members of Merseyside Police in plain clothes also witnessed what was happening.

No doubt there were a few chancers among the Liverpool fans, but the majority running riot were Arab looking young men from what I saw.

The French police turned away Andy Robertson's brother (Andy plays for Liverpool) accusing him of having a fake ticket, when the ticket actually came from Liverpool Football Club !   Many people, including Real Madrid fans were beaten up and robbed, including the wife and teenage son of an ex Liverpool player. No police to be seen then !
Some of the fleeing Real Madrid fans could be heard saying "Moors, Moors " which I assume means the same in English as Spanish.

So glad nobody was badly injured, although some children were suffering from the effects of the gas.
Chaos, just total chaos.


The French don't like us, probably accounts for it.


their first chance to tell us what they thought of Brexit....perhaps


Quote from: crabbyob on June 01, 2022, 08:03:38 AMtheir first chance to tell us what they thought of Brexit....perhaps

My thoughts as well. They are a people not to be fully trusted. IMO only. :boo:


My thoughts as well. They are a people not to be fully trusted. :boo:  

Fixed that for you....


The area where the stadium was situated is a bit of a dump apparently, full of north African immigrants which would explain the pick pocketing and gangs of young men running amok attacking people.


Unfortunately, Europeans have had a long history of Liverpool fans being badly behaved and have not forgotten Heysel. So they were guilty before charged in French eyes. As always , the fans who deserved to be pepper sprayed did not get it, while the innocent ones did. A screening of tickets 200 yards from the turnstile would have taken out many issues. 

Sure they will do a better job with the Olympics............ [1150]
The problem with being retired is that you never get a day off



On Wednesday Le Figaro published online a report claiming there were several instances of spectators being sexually assaulted outside the ground. A police officer on duty is quoted as saying: 'What went on was crazy... I saw women having their breasts touched, they had their bags ripped away'. The officer said those responsible were gangs of young men from the area.

Le Figaro also cites testimonies from Spanish and English supporters, who grouped together in defensive circles to protect the women among them. One Spaniard told the paper that the youths 'molested minors' and he saw one girl in tears after being groped.

Has the French press decided to question their Government's and UEFA's statements at last ?


The chief of Paris Police has apologised for the use of tear-gas during the Champions League final and admitted the operation was a "failure".

Police Prefect Didier Lallement said he was "the only one responsible" for the disgraceful scenes at the Stade de France stadium in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis, where Liverpool and Real Madrid fans were brutalised by police and targeted by local criminal gangs.

According to news agency Reuters, Mr Lallement told a parliamentary hearing this morning that the operation around the final was a "failure" both because fans were harmed and the "image of France was degraded".


yes we agree it was a failure.... inside and out