not a normal Indian road

Started by crabbyob, May 31, 2022, 12:56:42 PM

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Wouldn't want one of them nuts fall on my head..!!
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


The hotels normally have nets under the coconuts to protect the tourists but I was told about a cheaper hotel that didn't and yes, a coconut fell onto a tourist and he ended up in hospital.

We were in a hotel in Greece once and the week before a lady had been lying on a sunbed and a snake with a rat in his mouth fell out of a tree and landed on her!


Not something you see very often in Bournemouth  :grin:

Mind you it's more expensive to holiday there than Greece....


A snake. !! With a rat in it's mouth..!!
I would have fainted..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


more folk die from falling coconuts than shark attacks
i was talking to a lady the other day, or the shop assitant was and a coconut had just hit her a glancing blow that very day... normally when they are ready they harvest them, the house i live sends their coconut [the edible part] to the mill to be crushed into coconut oil, so they never buy cooking oil. i took a bottle home years ago [i sometimes use it on my hair] anyway as soon as it realised it was in England it turned from a yellow brown liquid to a solid white... as bit racist i thought, i had to sit it in hot water before use...


One of the hotels we stayed at gave guided walks and we went to the local village where everyone smiled and waved to us.  Apparently the villagers hadn't wanted a hotel built but the hotel owners promised to give their young people jobs, train them and then they could go on cruise ships if they wanted.

The guide took us to a building and ladies arrived with coconuts.  The first pressing was kept separate and then the coconut was pressed again.  The ladies went off with the oil in bottles and the remains are apparently fed to the cattle.