Who the F**k is Jay Blades

Started by Diasi, May 31, 2022, 10:49:25 AM

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And why should he pop up all over BBC pre-programme ads as though I should have heard of him which I haven't.

Anyway I had to Google him to find out who he is.

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The Repair Shop is a popular programme.  I'm not a fan of Jay Blades, but I'm not a fan of the language used in the comments in the link either. No one is forced to watch the programme.
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Repair Shop. I saw it from time to time back in the day when I had a TV licence. He's the presenter.


I would rather watch Jay Blades , whoever he is, than read the uneducated foul mouthed opinions of  (whoever he is) in the link..

As a matter of fact I would rather watch David Walliams .. and that is hard work..
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Totally agree with everyone's comments.  The ' F' word I can take, but the "C" word is a no go and I either switch off or don't read.

Never heard of him either.


I like him, especially when he was brave enough to admit he could not read as he was dyslexic. He was filmed learning to read over a period of time. That look guts, and as my mother was a teacher of bottom grade kids at the secondary modern, she would have been pleased to see him do so well. Back in 60's , people did not get dyslexia and many kids were written off unfairly.
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Yes I think he's a genuinely decent chap and good luck to him for persevering with his setbacks in life. He's also a very skilled upholsterer in his own right, as he demonstrated on 'Money for Nothing', which presented him with the chance to move on. He makes 'The Repair Shop' and good to see something successful in life, just at the moment too.
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The content of the attachment is not the point. When I did a search for, to me, the totally unknown Jay Blades, this was the top of the list.

Plus, it's optional as to whether or not a reader clicks the link & proceeds to read it, but out of respect for other members I have removed the link.

P.S. I did watch a small bit of one programme, on iPlayer, & he does wander around like a factory foreman who's on the first day in the job.

Make every day count, each day is precious.
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal".  (Cassandra)
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as Cass says hes a skilled upholsterer, so it depends what is brought in whether he actually works or not
i admire the guy too... if you have never heard of the guy it wont detract from his value to those that do.
most on here have never heard of Harry Kane, but he represents you as Captain of England football team
and not a lot of people know that... :smug: