Advice for travelling fans

Started by Alex, May 26, 2022, 12:31:32 PM

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Isn't it strange how we react to humour .  As we have so many dinghies coming from France, I thought it was comical suggesting dinghies going the other way, nobody else did !  :clap:

So ist das Leben !  :cool:


Most of mine get the same reaction  :cry:

TBH I thought it was some football thing I didn't understand.


Humour is odd isn't it ?  but I suppose it's like films or books we don't always like the same ones.  One of the most famous comedians that most people found funny was, to me, just SO unfunny and that was Benny Hill  :shocked:



I thought it was a genuine notice to football fans .. Thick or what..!!!

I don't think David Walliams is funny.. Overpaid prat..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


i watched the first half then went to sleep, it was about three a.m. here... what i watched was not great
were the fans really gassed before the match?


That's what the news says. Tear gas and pepper spray. I've seen video of pepper spray being used and don't doubt there is plenty on the shenanigans on YouTube.


Here goes !  There are clips of Real Madrid fans being treated badly too, but they didn't use tear gas on them. Photos of people climbing fences to get in, the majority of whom were speaking Arabic and some French - so locals !
What annoys me is fans of other clubs slagging off the Liverpool fans when really it could easily have been Chelsea or Man City fans who were pepper sprayed and tear gassed. British fans should be backing each other up, they've all been on the receiving end of Italian and French police brutality. Fortunately the Sky News team was caught up in it all, well not "fortunately" but they can confirm what was actually happening.  Members of Merseyside Police in plain clothes also witnessed what was happening.

No doubt there were a few chancers among the Liverpool fans, but the majority running riot were Arab looking young men from what I saw.

The French police turned away Andy Robertson's brother (Andy plays for Liverpool) accusing him of having a fake ticket, when the ticket actually came from Liverpool Football Club !!!!   Many people, including Real Madrid fans were beaten up and robbed, including the wife and teenage daughter of an ex Liverpool player. No police to be seen then !   Some of the fleeing Real Madrid fans could be heard saying "Moors, moors " which I assume means the same in English as Spanish.

So glad nobody was badly injured, although some children were suffering from the effects of the gas.
Chaos, just total chaos.


as for fans being beaten and robbed, in India it is against the law to ride a scooter without a crash helmet.
so the police set up road blocks going into town, and their uncles set up a mountain of cheap crash helmets fifty yards away,, i think the fRENCH police were diong similar, herding, or kettling the crowds towards the thieves...