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Started by klondike, December 31, 2021, 08:52:06 AM

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There is one post from Chris on PF which I will not waste my time posting on as klondike while my pre-moderation continues that does require, but doesn't deserve, an answer.

QuoteThe backup forum claim doesn't add up.

If klondike's forum was just a backup plan in case this one disappeared, why has it been operated as an active breakaway forum with people encouraged to post? If it was a backup forum, then once he knew it was working, it should be put into read-only mode, ready to go live when PF permanently dies. But he is running it as if PF has already gone down the spout and that is the replacement. There are now 2 identical forums to confuse people.
It needed to be shown as a viable backup. After all it is running on a Raspberry Pi in my back bedroom on a home internet connection. Functionality and scale needs to be tested. It needed to continue to run while people were notified of its existence. appeared to be suffering from neglect to the degree that its demise seemed to me to be in danger of simply vanishing when the domain expires in March of next year. Points suggesting that...

  • It was suffering repeated outages. These were brought to your attention and apparently ignored despite ongoing posts about them.

  • There were frequent complaints about posts being corrupted with spurious BBCode tags being inserted. I put this down to the forun still running an old release of the software 2.0.13 which shows a date of 2016. I quickly found when installing the software that it wasn't the old release but a buggy editor. I posted a tutorial on using the the default editor both here and on PF which stopped that problem. Why didn't you investigate?

  • Your slack moderation of the forum let a bad situation continue for quite some time. You left no trail of your actions. Posts simply vanished. I quit the forum as fortyone when this happened in the Undercover Pensioner days and requested the account be deleted. I found much later that it hadn't been contrary to GDPR regulations.

  • The uploads folder has been full for weeks. I notified you of this via the notify post link which we all know works very well as most have had at least one post removed courtesy of that if only as collateral damage from your ham fisted moderation. There were plenty of other posts on this topic. None seen because you clearly never vist the forum.
That and possibly more was put in a post here for all to see -,15.0.html

QuoteIf it was a backup forum why was it all done behind my back, with secretive posts such as "Brian, please email me as I have some interesting news for you"?  Why not come out with the plan in public from the beginning and consult me about it? Why not simply post the URL here for all to see. It seems to me this is a replacement forum for the invite-only preferred few, which I would obviously be opposed to.
Seriously? You have shown an amazing lack of engagement with forum posters. I doubt you ever visit except whe the Report Post function is used. You have even added digitalham to the profanity censor now.

QuoteIf it was a backup forum then why is it still operating when the outage problems are fixed and I have now created an official backup forum? If it wasn't a breakaway forum to start with, it certainly is now.
It is still operating primarily because you have effectively banned me and poor Scrumpy by putting us on pre moderation which delays posts until you see fit and makes active participation pointless. Had that not happened, and it is far too late to reverse now, I likely would have shut it down.

Add to that a lot of people have stated that they prefer the atmosphere here along with a forum admin who takes an active interest in the forum and rather than just cut out features and functionality adds to it.

QuoteIt doesn't make sense to me. But I can understand the loyalty of friends. I hope we can return to the state of affairs we had a before, but if we instead have another breakaway forum and the damage it will do then so be it.
This never was a breakaway. What do you think I made it a virtual clone of PF?
It is now though as you say and I will start to alter the "branding" to make that entirely clear. I will retain the current structure for the most part as I expect most here would prefer that.

Michael Rolls

Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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I think I will just post a link to that as klondike on PF. I'll need to recover the account as I requested it  be deleted but that won't have been done. Of course as he has censored digitalham I'll need to use bitly to get it to him or I could email it but posting will be more amusing to me and with any luck will illicit a ban


Do you honestly believe your replies will be shown on PF..?  Get real.. Chris will not want his members to know how it really is for fear of losing face..

I am pleased that the have shown your replies on here.. at least it will filter through to some..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Of course not.  I am hoping he will read it though.

I could be sneaky and reawaken fortyone to post it but I think using klondike is more annoying and he is certain to at least see it.

Michael Rolls

Here is what I have just posted:-

Who has been poached? No-one of whom I know - like others I now post on both fora and will continue so to do. Certainly I am posting as much as ever on here and as the vast majority of my posts are in response to other posts, I wonder just how great is the diminution. It would help if access to forum stats wasn't blocked - then we could see.
I remain extremely grateful to you for the existence of this forum - it has helped, and continues to help, me through what is a pretty miserable existence, having lost so many friends and family members in the last few years, but I really feel that you are seizing the wrong end of the stick here

Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Well, like Mike Rolls has done, I've also done my best to show Chris that you never intended a breakaway forum but he just can't or won't accept it.

Below is the link to what I told him.

P.S. He's now closed the thread so no more members can defend you.
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"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal".  (Cassandra)
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Reading that and more  all I can say is that this forum would indeed have closed had he not effectively banned me and more importantly to me Scrumpy as I was getting dissatisfied with the way it was going anyway.

Would the outages problem have been fixed if he hadn't finally found this place? I seriously doubt it as it had run a month with nothing being done. I dare say weapons grade reported it as he guessed his chances of an invite otherwise the absent landlord would still be none the wiser.