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Started by klondike, May 05, 2022, 09:12:31 AM

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I was waiting for something to be restocked in an online shop (Chinese item and the Amazon and eBay ones on sale looked like rippoffs rather than one I knew worked as my son had bought one. I used the "Notify when restocked" option but still checked regularly. I got no notification but saw it on offer again on Sunday. The website wouldn't accept my order so I phoned the order in on Tuesday and mentioned the problem. The bloke said their site was working OK. I investigated and found the problem so I sent them this via their contact form.


I mentioned this morning when I phoned to order that I had had problems with your website. I have investigated and found that it doesn't work using the Brave or Edge browsers but does work with Chrome and Opera. With the the failing browsers I cannot add products to the cart nor sign in to the account you set up when I ordered due to javascript errors. MS have made Edge the only usable browser on their Windows 10s operating system so you could be losing business. You need to have whoever looks after your website fix this. I can just use Chrome to track my order.

I got this reply
Hi we use chrome on our desktops (all of them) and it works fine, I just checked firefox on my own laptop and it is fine.
Unsure what else to check.

So I sent this.

I already said it works with Chrome and doesn't with Edge. If you have windows desktops less than 5 years or so old they will have Edge because it comes with them by default. I'm not fussed  if your site works with the default Microsoft browser or not but you probably should. I would if it were my business.

It still isn't working using Edge.



I wish I had learned another language.. :smiley:
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Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


Translation. Their website won't take orders if you use the default browser Windows computers come with. Or the one I use "Brave" but that is a minor issue.


I find most of these organisations seem to be crewed by millenials who are completely apathetic to everything they encounter and only seem to draw breath because they don't have to think about it.   

You have to fit in with them and they don't care if you do, or don't?

Many companies in this sphere also seem to be scrapping 'Desktop Computer' servicing, so you are either forced to 'Smartphone Apps' or rescinding their product, which is now increasingly my route I'm afraid.
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we're lucky to still have a computer repair shop in Blairgowrie - 7 miles away - run by a very helpful couple.
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