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Started by alfred, May 01, 2022, 09:27:26 AM

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From what were lead to believe is that the vast majority of decent Russian families are not hearing the real news as to what's going on in the Ukraine war ,

once the truth comes out its going to be a heart breaking time as many mothers realise that their sons have been killed some time earlier as recent reports say thousands of Russian soldiers that is over 20,000 have died so far ,

and that their economy is virtually in tatters once they realise the world is and has turned against them,
for many Russian people they must begin to wonder what was it for  and was it really worth it,

Q; have you any thoughts if so will you share them with us,


This says 25,900

The only news Russians are getting is state news. They are apparently being portrayed as victims of western agression with the majority of Russians apparently supporting Putin. For many truth is what the news and the government tell you. Including us of course.

What I will say about these numbers is that the majority of soldiers killed in a war are the front line troops and they are usually only of the order of 10% or so of an army with the rest supporting them in various ways. Even if that were 20% these numbers suggest one hell of a big army made ineffective. This could be why the Russians seem to be making little in the way of advances and are concentrating on artillary and missile attacks. If we are getting true numbers it may be that things are at the point where that is pretty much all they are capable of now.


The Russian people have as little power over their government as we do, the government does what it wants to despite the fact we are unhappy. 

The Russian people are told this has to be done just like Tony Blair did about Iraq. If we lost that many of our soldiers there I don't know what would have happened, but obviously Putin has told the Russians that Ukraine is the agressor and they think they are defending themselves, also they think the rest of the world is against them and we are trying to bring them to their knees through unjust sanctions.

Do the Russian people trust or beleive their government? most of us don't trust ours, are they really that brainwashed or are they too afraid to say anything unless they land up in Siberia?


With so many Russians living in the free world, just why isn't the truth getting known :?: :?: Even Putin daughters are living in the USA.
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The Russians don't have any debt, unlike the UK Nationally at £2.5 Trillion and the printer to the world the US with $30.5 Trillion.

Russia has a healthy balance in the bank

If there's no oil or gas near you, in say Germany you have to sup with the Devil. The West can print paper (money) but as the rest of the of the world is finding out that creates inflation and also doesn't get you what you want if you can't buy it anyway? So you freeze and go broke at the same time, exactly as Hitler did 78 years ago.

Ask why since Bretton Woods in 1944, does oil have to be bought and sold in dollars? Why shouldn't Russian oil, mined in Siberia and sold to China be paid for between the trading partners in whatever way is suitable to them, whats it got to do with uncle Sam?

Answer, because everyone buying Dollars every day to trade oil means the countries involved have to sell their own currencies and buy dollars, adding at least 25c to it's value! The US imposed this global surcharge at the time of it's greatest strength and upon an impoverished World post WW2. Only one American soldier died for every 95 Russians in that struggle, but the almighty dollar, not human life prevailed as the victor.

America's chief export last year was medicines (Big Pharma, Pfizer etc) following the 'plandemic'. Everything else fell as they were crippled in manufacturing because China couldn't fulfil the demand for microchips; that the creator (USA) had given up making, as they exported their 'job inflation' eastwards, shoring up a deeply flawed economic model, then and now.

Getting a new car out here is subject to unheard of uncertainties, with some models having a two years plus lead time presently.
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On the bright side though you won't end up in Siberia shovelling shit for saying that about the Yanks  :grin:


Quote from: klondike on May 02, 2022, 04:06:12 PM
On the bright side though you won't end up in Siberia shovelling shit for saying that about the Yanks  :grin:

I don't believe so because firstly I am one (technically for over 67 years), also whilst ruminative, my opinion is based on established facts, to which many out here concur.. Facebook don't rule quite everywhere yet.

Also as I'm sure you'll agree this is the land of the free! :hmm:
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