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Started by hugh, April 22, 2022, 05:25:17 PM

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What a joke Germany as become, they will give money to Ukraine but not weapons. It seems that Germany as no worth while weapons to give leaving them very weak on the ground defence wise.  They have used NATO to look after them.
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Michael Rolls

for years Germany has expected NATO to shield her and has done little in her own defence. Now there is a chance of chickens coming home to roost and the richest European state has gone from chicken to rabbit in the headlights
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yes about half our forces were based there
while they were making billions with an excellent workforce


I did read that Germany had started to smell the coffee a little while back and increased their defence budget. You can't build good armed forces at the drop of a hat and to fair I'm rather glad that Germany stuck with economic domination of Europe following earlier failures using other methods. Anyway it seems that a chunk of that increased budget is going to Ukraine so they can defend  the Fatherland from those nasty Slavs.

It's good to moan.


They haven't got any tanks to send !   They've got 400 tanks, 100 of which are for training purposes so at a push I guess they could send those.  :cool:


From what I've seen the Ukrainians are not really short of tanks.

The Russians send a batch of them in a column. The Ukrainians knock out the one in the lead with one of their free anti-tank rockets. The other Russian delivery drivers run away leaving their shipment. Possibly they book it in as handed to resident like Amazon do here after dumping your stuff on the doorstep,

It's good to moan.



I wonder if we did too. Be surprised if we were left out.

It's good to moan.


Quote from: Raven on April 23, 2022, 01:41:57 PM
It seems that both Germany and France sold weapons to Russia by the back door.

Nothing new with the French they were sending missiles by first class post to Argentina.
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Don't the Germans, like the Japanese, have rules about what weaponry they buy? Mostly for defence etc?