3 Meals a Day?

Started by Raven, April 19, 2022, 05:31:32 PM

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How many do you have a day? For me it's coffee in the morning, a sandwich at lunch time and dinner around 6pm. From what the article says I may switch the main meal to lunch time and just something light at 6pm. Doubt himself will be chuffed, but we shall see. :cool:



Coffee and cereal for breakfast

A meal / snack at dinner time (lunch if yer posh. We had Dinner LAdies at school not lunch ladies)

Tea at Teatime - usually the main meal about 6-7pm unless we've pigged out at dinner time then they swap.

Supper - a light snack and maybe a beer or/and a whisky
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I usually have poached egg with smoked salmon for breakfast and a slice of marmalade toast..
Lunch at midday..
Probably cereal at around 4:30..
No food after that time..

-Oy-  .. I was a Dinner lady..
As kids we never even used or heard of the word Lunch..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Just one.. If I'm lucky.. :grin:  Big pot of coffee when I get up then everyday stuff and if I'm lucky I feel hungry at some point. Can't eat without feeling hungry. Today I had a Madras around 5 o'clock which was my first 'meal' since Saturday, maybe Friday but I no longer worry about it. No point. I do graze though..


Cup of tea in bed, then I sometimes make a smoothie for breakfast, or toast, or cereal.   Homemade soup and/or a sandwich midday, then a meal about 6.30pm. I'm an evening grazer too. 😐
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breakfast is either toast or yoghurt depending on mode. If on my own - vast majority of the time - main meal at lunch time. If guests, main meal around 1830-1900, possible a sandwich or a piece of toast at lunchtime - and I'm still putting on weight!
Mike  :cry: :cry:
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I don't eat breakfast, I know you should but I only have coffee.  Lunch will be a butty or whatever is to hand in the fridge, then I have dinner about 6 -7 pm.


Quote from: Alex on April 19, 2022, 07:33:09 PM
I don't eat breakfast, I know you should but I only have coffee.  Lunch will be a butty or whatever is to hand in the fridge, then I have dinner about 6 -7 pm.

Have you read the article? It says different about missing breakfast.



I keep bags of morello cherries, blueberries etc. in the freezer and take some out the previous evening for breakfast.  In the morning I add semi dried figs, apricots, seeds and nuts.  I dip the spoon in honey and add Yeo valley organic honey yoghurt and that is the meal that I really enjoy.  We went to a farm yesterday and bought 'proper' eggs from hens that are out in a wood all day so that is lunch.

I rarely feel hungry (probably because of my lung problems) but I try to eat reasonably sensibly.  It goes a bit downhill in the evening if we go to the pub!


I think I'm addicted to carbohydrates, the more I eat the more I crave.  I do have a book called The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet  :grin: if I can cut out bread, pasta and spuds I loose weight.


can you eat rice  Alex?


I find it easier to not put on weight in the summer as I'm always buzzing about the place. Either helping around the farm or jobbing in the stables or garden. During the winter I'm indoors a lot more and having coffee, then thinking, I may as well have a couple of biscuits as well :nooo: Doesn't happen in the summer.


I have certainly put on weight since the first lock down..
I did panic buy on foodstuff.. I thought  I wouldn't survive without chocolate and cake..
My mate and me got excited if we got hold of a Magnum.. and of course we shared most cakes that we were able to bake.. How stupid were we..
Exercise is important as well being on a diet..  and I don't have the interest in walking as I once did..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..