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Started by klondike, April 16, 2022, 06:46:01 PM

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I've mentioned before that I often listen to audiobooks and have downloaded many over the years. They always tell you who produced them and the last one I finished said it was produced by librivox free audiobooks.

I wondered if they were still a thing and they are. Hundreds of audiobooks to download for free. I have no idea if any will be of interest to anybody or what the general quality will be but the one I just listened to was up to the standard of many of the others I've heard over the years.


Really like the idea but I put in a name and it had no content. I thought Bill Bryson was quite well known.. Hey ho


As the stuff is public domain I'm guessing it will  mostly be old. Oddly enough the one I'd been listening to was a collection of old  SciFi from various authors and I can't locate it on the site.


Thankyou. I love audio books and have loads. I will keep this link in my favourites. I download from audiobookbay.


Hope there is something there of interest to you. Hope there is something of interest to me too :smiley:. I came across a similar site for ebooks but most if not all were old classics which I don't particularly like and mostly have already anyway.

I have loads of both ebooks and audiobooks that I haven't even looked at yet from the days when my favourite source of downloads was in operation and I collected them. One with a similar url to that has started up but isn't a patch on its earlier namesake.

These days I mostly use magnetdl aka zoony's video emporium however I don't run the torrents myself to avoid problems with my ISP and save time as I can usually get them as direct downloads which run at line speed (500Mbps in my case).


I still like a book! I don't even like reading on a kindle or iPad. Habit maybe? I've never tried an audio book, maybe i should.
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Don't nod off. Even worse for finding your place again than a paperback.  :grin:


but a great thread, thank you


I keep a lot of them on file on my computer and listen if I'm doing jigsaws for a couple of hours. I have bought ones that I listen to on the stereo player in the den, either lazing by the fire or getting on with knitting.


I have this one in my collection...

I still can't figure Brian threads though  :sad:

Michael Rolls

he probably wrote it under a pen name
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Mine are mostly Detective, serious and funny. Also Horror Stories, and some favourites since childhood.

These are the Series I have on File the now, each folder holds several books some a lot of books.


I have a very eclectic mix. As they were "grab it while they are still available" downloads there are plenty I haven't read probably including that one - I just saw it as I was taking a look. I have quite a lot of non fiction and history but the bulk are fiction. I like and have listened to several times the Bernard Cornwell historic fiction, Sci Fi,  detectives,  Stephen King. All sorts really. I listen to them using my phone on headphones and always have one on the go.

The one that must have originally come from Librivox is a collection of SF stories from various authors. I had it filed under Poul Anderson but it turns out he was just the author of the first. The cover is Isacc Asimov presents which I'm pretty sure was produced to give new writers a platform and probably the well established Anderson donated one to give sales a bit of a boost too.


This is the one I'm listening to just now, "Hare House" quite enjoying it.


Tsk tsk. I recognised that site. I shall in future remember it as Raven's Audio Emporium.  :grin: