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Started by Alex, April 08, 2022, 10:59:39 AM

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I can hear at least one "she's off again "  :grin: but does this not worry you ?
In 1960 there were 7 Mosques in the UK catering to 50k Muslims, today there are 2k Mosques & 4 million Muslims. Not to mention the thousands of "Community Centres"


An excellent well-balanced presentation.

It's also a prediction of the UK's future as an Islamic state.
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This guy Gavin Boby is a lawyer, not a member of any "anti" brigades, as far as I know :cool:


At last someone who speaks for me.  I remember the Angel in Hayes, so pleased the application has been rejected.  As He so rightly says, these people want their mosques in prominent places, as if to say we are here its our town now.  We all know that these people can get away with far more than we can. they just play the islamiphobia or race card. 

2000 mosques 4 million muslims it's bloody frightening. Why must our country be changed beyond all recognition? our government's are traitors to the native British people and in my opinion have done more harm to us than Hitler did, at least our bombed cities could be rebuilt.

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I haven't responded. Mostly as I cannot find appropriate words.


The horse has already bolted.. Too late to shut the stable door..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..