price rises energy sav9ng tips and advice.

Started by alfred, April 03, 2022, 08:41:04 AM

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On U Tube their is a section where by tips are offered to combat price rises  what with Hugh gas and electricity  charges , plus all the other charges as well,

do you have any suggestions or tips on how to save money as the bills come in and if so what would you advise,

Flying Bomb

Don't overfill the kettle for making tea etc. My wife used till fill it right up just for two cups.

If you live on your own only heat the room you are in most of the time.

I live alone with gas fired central heating.  All turned off, just an
electric fire in one room and a small one near the toilet.


Good insulation is a must.. I have a porch and sunroom.. They give added protection against the cold..
I don't use my dishwasher .. I save washing-up water in the bowl longer..
I am cutting down on using washing machine .. Hand wash underwear.. but not in the washing-up water.. ! :shocked:
Fortunately warmer days are around the corner.. More salads.. and cold leftovers..
I have not turned my heating down.. Being cold can cause many problems too..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I'm carrying on pretty much as I always have. I was careful not to waste energy anyway and I'll just have to put up with the rising cost. Unless things really go tits up it's my kids inheritance that will be diminished rather than me freeze or starve anyway. I have no idea how the poor sods who live hand to mouth already will cope.


silly as it sounds it makes winter in Goa very attractive...
in India i wash my smalls in the shower, dry them on the bed-rail at the bottom of the bed, i use three pairs of Boxers tho two would do... but i am just showing off to  the maid... there is a washing machine, but i hand wash my shirts once a week and hang them on my balcony, only my trackie bottoms take any time to dry, but the ceiling fan has them dried by morning.... i will post a photo mid summer... i dont yet know howe to get round the but i will manage... my friends are suggesting we do seven months by visiting SriLanka for a couple of weeks...mmmmm


All good tips, most of them we already do BUT, what bothers me is.......If everyone does the saving thing, then the fuel companies will not be happy and will find other ways to make us pay.  :angry:


That's why the standing charge went up. There are virtually no switches available other than at really eye watering rates. I don't think they can be making huge profits on the new charges or they would still be touting for business.


I won't be altering my heating either, apart from turning down the thermostat but no idea if or how that will help. I feel sorry for those who are already struggling, how on earth do you choose heat or eat ?

2022 in one of the richest countries in the world, it's just unbelievable.


I get that there are households living hand to mouth, but I also think some people could do with budgeting help.  We are on what is considered a low income, but we eat well, waste little, keep warm, and run a car.  It will be different when there is only one of us, but if it's me, I'll downsize to a flat and probably ditch the car.   We rarely use the dishwasher or tumble drier, and I shower at the gym when I go to classes, at least three times a week.

I think our generation can make money stretch, but there are younger people who never learned to cook, and think having Sky subscriptions and takeaways are necessities.
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


I was thinking more our age group tbh, I'm lucky to have a works pension, but a couple of my friends live on just the state pension, not easy.

Michael Rolls

they will just increase the bloody prices - surprise, surprise
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Ofgen set the caps. Every 6 months. Next thrilling installment in October. Providers used to offer cheaper to switchers but that is all out the window now.


Quote from: Raven on April 03, 2022, 12:29:31 PM
All good tips, most of them we already do BUT, what bothers me is.......If everyone does the saving thing, then the fuel companies will not be happy and will find other ways to make us pay.  :angry:

You have made a very good point there Raven, they won't want their profits slipping now will they.

Michael Rolls

ever since, years ago, we had an argument with the electricity company when the meters - we have four - all went haywire and they tried to charge us four times as much as usual, I have checked the meter readings every Sunday. This week I decided to really try and economise - turned the heating down, switched off light at every opportunity -  didn't make a damned bit of difference!
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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If you have LED or CF lights the cost is low so any change compared to heating costs would be trivial. As we have just gone through a cold spell those heating costs could be expected to rise. If your electricity usage remained the same then your actions saved you money.