buying a bargain for next years Christmas presents.

Started by alfred, December 27, 2021, 08:11:37 PM

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With the January sales looming round the corner, I'm sure many people will look for a bargain, and give it away as a Christmas present next year,

of course its a sensible thing to do if you can afford it, but this year what with covid , as many shops struggle to get customers into their shops
are or will their be hardly any bargains to be had as shops owners generally
seem to be struggling to keep open ,

Q; and do you like or enjoy shopping in general.


It's an interesting thought but I think there may actually be more reductions with maybe some loss leaders to get people through the door. As for shopping - no it's a chore not a pleasure for me.


I used being CEV and covid as an excuse and didn't do any Christmas shopping.  I put money in my daughters' accounts and had a happy message from one saying she has bought herself a pair of boots.

I gave my grandchildren cash and their faces lit up.  As soon as she was clear of covid, my granddaughter was off to The Trafford Centre.  My grandson is good at saving.

Michael Rolls

I have always disliked shopping. Mum in particular used to really try my patience as she actually enjoyed it - I was towed along to carry purchases - and as she wandered from one shop to another - and then quite often back to one she'd already tried, thoughts of matricide did flit through my mind.
Perhaps it's a female thing but both Susan - my first wife - and Veronica were almost as bad
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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I like shopping, but not at Christmas or Sale times.   The days are now gone when I'd walk from one end of Liverpool or Chester city centres to the other.   [1050]


I buy all year round, mostly from Ebay so I have no Christmas Panic Buying of presents. When I go to Perth I alway go for a rake in Matalan, Bon Marche, and George. That keeps Himself and me topped up with new clothes.  :smug:


I too buy gifts over the year and stash them away.. I like to spread the cost..
I don't purposely look for Sales.. Bargains are to be had year round..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..