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Started by klondike, March 16, 2022, 08:18:32 PM

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Anybody that donated to the Brexit Party will have received this email but for those that didn't.

Dear Supporter,
They've tried to shut us down; they've tried to get it stopped but the Vote Power Not Poverty campaign is on a march to Bolton next Saturday and here is why I need you to join us.

The Net Zero agenda is the biggest silent rip off in Britain today.

We're told it's about reducing CO2 and if that were true, we might not mind so much, but it isn't.

Even before prices go through the roof, 25% of your electricity bills go towards green subsidies and environmental expenditure. What those bills don't tell you though is who benefits from that 25% – giant, foreign multinationals and rich landowners here in the UK who get paid to have ineffective wind turbines put onto their estates.

The Net Zero delusion is nothing more than a few rich, privileged people thinking that by importing half of the gas that Britain needs, by importing up to 10% of our electricity from France, by importing increasing amounts of oil and coal, somehow, they're saving the planet.

Bowing down to a teenager called Greta, who has no scientific background whatsoever, they're perfectly happy for our heavy industries to move out to China and India because they believe that they're reducing carbon dioxide output; they're not - they're simply outsourcing it.

The real problem with that now is that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the world and it isn't going to go back for many, many years.

If we rely on France to sell us electricity, on Putin, Norway, or Qatar to sell us natural gas, there could come a point when genuine shortages mean that those countries choose to look after themselves.

In a very different world, our energy security becomes more vital than ever. We need to be self-sufficient in energy.

The UK should be a net exporter of energy, not a net importer. Under our feet we have an estimated £1trillion of natural gas, some experts predict under current prices it could be as much as £2trillion. That would be a value of gas equal to the size of our national debt.

By exploiting that, rather than buying gas from Mr Putin or from elsewhere, we can produce our own natural gas and alongside that, tens of thousands of well-paid jobs.

We have real solutions, real alternatives to the Net Zero madness that are essential if we're to provide the secure, self-reliant future that Britain needs.

Next Saturday morning in Bolton, 26th March, I'll be speaking alongside Richard Tice, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Graham Stringer MP and Dominique Samuels. Together, we will be demanding a referendum on Net Zero.

I need you to come and support us. If you can help me to send that message to Westminster then we will get the change we need.

It's time to Vote Power Not Poverty. It's time to play your part.

Many Thanks,

Nigel Farage
Honorary President of Reform UK

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Michael Rolls

Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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You beat me to it, I've just read his email. :upvote:
Make every day count, each day is precious.
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we all agree but will we march.... erm well i have some weeds that require my attention...


I didn't post it thinking anybody would march. I posted it as info about Farage's next campaign. When the fuel bills start coming in after the cap is increased then there will be trouble in't mill.

It seems nobody gives a shit though.


i just cant understand what kind of govts have allowed us to be in this position..
how can a foreign country have hands on our petrol our gas our electric our transport..
what was the advert tell Sid?   they told El Cid


I may go to this. Not that I agree with his poilitics - but there should be some good shouty faces to photograph :grin:
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."


Was it not the Tories who sold everything off? Time we took them back again and held on to them this time. Not run them for profit for the few.


Bolton is a blooming long journey for me from the wilds of Wales can't do it. but come to Swansea Nigel and I will be there.

Why are the Labour party not saying these things? they are supposed to be the party of the working class and poorer peoples at least they used to be, they are a bloody disgrace, I don't expect any better from the Tories and as for the Liberals and Greens they would have us all freeze and starve to death rather than rethink their Green Agendas.


"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."


The lefties intimidate anyone who thinks differently from them, god help us if they ever got into power, us that don't think that way would be rotting in some gulag on a remote Scottish Island, while our homes would be given to the dingey boys.


Shouldn't be a case of left or right.

When one side of an argument says the matter is settled and refuses to discuss it they are either very right or very wrong. Given it isn't only nutters questioning the climate change is settled argument I rather think that the "It's settled" side are probably wrong.

One thing is certain there is inadequate preparation for no new fossil fuel cars being sold post 2030.