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Started by alfred, March 11, 2022, 07:48:25 AM

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Is it any wonder that our children will grow up most likely confused as being as we have, we assume, have left the E,U  and yet most things you buy such as shoes for example are still shown in metric , food shown in ounces, grams,  millimetres,  litre,  the same for petrol, & oil,

is it any wonder how confusing it is even for many pensioners,

now that we are it is assumed to have reverted back to the English system , yet almost everything is still being sold in/under  the metric system,

Q; do you get confused with both these measuring systems  or are you O.K with it ,


I recently did a big sort out of my 'crafts' and was trying to sort out my knitting needles.  Paul had a look at what I was doing and suggested I get rid of some.  I started by putting them all on the floor in size order but there was the old sizing and the new mm so it was a bit confusing and took me a while. 

I kept two pairs of each size and gave the rest away on freecycle.  Then a friend discovered that she is going to be a great grandmother to twins (she is only 60!) and wanted some knitting needles!  I think it's called 'sod's law'.


I only talk in feet and Inches.. I weigh in ounces and pounds..
I ask Alexa to convert anything that I do not understand..
Ordered some bottles for wild flowers to put on wedding trestle tables..
They were so small they were just big enough to hold a raffle ticket in.. Which I did...
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Only three countries – the U.S., Liberia and Myanmar – still (mostly or officially) stick to the imperial system


I'm ok with either imperial or metric but I choose metric for any measurements & have done for many years.
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I don't think children are confused as most only encounter metric for most things.

I got converted to centigrade by the weather men but I still inately understand Fahrenheit too. If asked to guess temperature I'd respond in Centigrade.

I've got used to liquid measures being mixed but now pints are mostly confined to pubs which I rarely visit except for meals.

Driving distances are certainly miles. Short walking distances I might say meters or yards interchangeably.

Lengths I can picture feet and inches easily. MM confuse me to a degree and I'll pick up a dual scale steel rule to picture something I'm considering buying on line. If I am making anything I'll use cm and mm though as they are easier to pick out on the rule than something like 11 and 7/16 inches.

Weights I don't use much but my weight is stones and pounds for sure. I can guage if something will he heavy to carry if given the weight in either system.


My mind has always worked in Imperial and always will. :waiting:

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I visualise in Imperial - and have to convert metric to understand it. I have a few 'fixed' numbers in my mind - a metre is 40 inches (near enough), half a pound is 230 grammes (near enough). I get quite irritated - silly, I know - when reporters on TV talk in terms of metres or kilometres. What's wrong with yards and miles. Fuel consumption -miles per gallon.
One thing I can never get my head round - hectares - how do they compare to acres? Very rarely need to use either, so that is probably why the conversion won't stick. Due to the weather forecasts I tend to think in Centigrade for the normal range of temperatures - but the extremes I have to convert to understand - just how hot in 'old money' is 40C? Just how cold (apart from knowing it is damned cold) is minus 18C?
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I get confused with metric, but there are always conversion tables.  There's no point in going back to imperial, but it's nice to choose or see both versions on an item, for example ready made curtains.. 


i agree several generations have learned metric at school, yet our distnces are still in Miles, it must be confusing for the younger folks..
i did notice when crossing the border in Ireland there is a notice reminding folks that the speed limit in the north is miles per hour..