Sad State of Affairs

Started by Alex, December 29, 2021, 11:54:52 AM

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Me too !  :evil:

I've had some in my road for what seems like ages, staying in HMO.  I can't tell if these are the original men as they all look the same. :cool:


Actually Alex, they are not men at all, what man would leave his wife, mother, sister in a war zone and do a runner, spending thousands of the families money in the process? This is what doesn't add up at all.


Most of them aren't coming from war zones, Africa is a big place isn't it ? not all at war.  How come we're getting so many from Vietnam ?  :wtf:


Well there is your answer (as if we didn't know it already, why haven't the dogooders figured it out?)  if they are not coming from war zones they are not refugees, so should be sent back by return post!!!!


That's why they ditch the ID, so it's not so easy to be sent back.  :yell:


Makes me so angry that our idiot politicians are letting these so and so's win by keeping them here, at the very least life should be made so damned difficult and uncomfortable for them that they admit where they come from and beg to be sent back. Make no Passport/paperwork on arrival a criminal offence, we must have some old rotten Victorian Prison to lock them up in on bread and water and hard labour, bring back the treadmill and crank.


This is invasion by the back door, slowly and steady, day by day. Only when it's too late will the Government finally understand what they have allowed to happen.  :angry:


If the buggers don't understand the problem and what is happening they shouldn't be in Parliament, they are supposed to represent their voters not a load of scum from god knows where on dinghies.

Michael Rolls

They are also expected to have a clue!
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IMO They are all too afraid to raise their heads up out of the trough, in case they miss something. But they are missing plenty of things outside the cosy nest of theirs.  :angry:


I recall commenting upon this elsewhere in the past. Simply put, (without referring to chapter and verse) unless the UK leaves the EHCR, to which it was a co-founder in 1949, there is no way around the present scenario. History is just that. In the post-war shadow of Nazi atrocities, legislation protecting genuine refugees was seen as an urgent necessity. Today, outdated by the refinement of changing circumstance guidance and interpretation has delivered a ready-made 'Goldmine' to be successfully exploited by the legion of 'Human Rights' solicitors; festooned within Mr Khan's city of liberty.

The Woke en bloc of course will never sanction even a proposal for the UK to with-draw from the ECHR in whole or part. This means Johnson's Conservative Wakened sympathisers who have a majority in Parliament similarly won't coerce either. The current Gov here in the US would avidly fight any such idea of the UK exiting, to the very brink of destruction. Don't forget the latest leader of the opposition in England earns a very good living from it, as do Democratic acolytes like Hilary Clinton Stateside.

A review of said treaty, (an alternative) would not only be unending, but also without doubt deliberately sabotaged to extinction. So thats never going to fly. Always remember this is an 'Industry' with powerful beneficiaries.

Therefore we are stuck with it. One day soon a mammoth Container ship will crush a Li-Lo out-boarded inflatable and many will die. Far from discouraging 'Asylum Seekers' (remember not illegal immigrants) blame will be seen to rest upon Britain. The New World Orderists will call for 'free tickets' on the Euro Express for such displaced persons and the Woke will chime for emancipation in regulation to avoid such cruel events ever taking place again. Next year expect 50-60,000 and then the skies the limit, as future legislative changes will transform arrivals into unlimited numbers.

Meanwhile elsewhere within the UK legal system, 92 convicted Terrorists are presently being processed for 'Conditional Release'. Nearly all of them ex and many rejected 'Asylum Seekers'. This latter category will be allowed to stay on, to serve their parole! - Sleep well.
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We live in a time when intelligent people are silenced so that stupid people won't be offended


Hells bells we're frocked  !


Sheeezzzzee Cass, and a Happy Hogmanay to you too.  :1040:  [1100]


Oh dear ..we are all doomed.. I shall sleep with a club in my hand..  at the ready..  :nooo: :nooo:
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