Stories of the human heart.

Started by alfred, February 16, 2022, 08:13:32 AM

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Recently i watched on my tablet , and on you tube there was a story of a a tramp living very rough for many years, i think in America or it could have been any where i suppose , and he  new this young man over time who called to see if he was alright, a very charitable and noble thing, (thinking of some one else )

well it turned out that this young man was in fact a barber and so decided to freely cut this tramps hair , which was much like i imagine Robinson Crusoe, his beard almost matched his face as the beard and hair seem to merge into on mass of hair around the tramps face.

well the young man had  taken the tramp back to his barbers shop and gave him a freebie , that is a hair cut, and beard trimmed. ad so he began by washing the tramps hair , and afterwards began the cutting and trimming.

some time later seeing this tramp was like looking at some one else completely. the young man also bought this tramp a complete set of clothes , so that the tramp had a value of himself and his life which i think made him think about himself , although the story ended there i think the tramp had a new lease of life thanks to the barbers efforts to restore his spirits which it did,.

Q; i think many of us like to read about the good will offered by people better off than others , and seeing the human touch helps people worse than our selves and gives them hope ,

what stories have you read and will you share your story with us


The man who travelled around .. He met a stray cat.. They bonded and the cat never left his side.. Friends for life..
They became famous.. Book was written about them and film was produced about them..

Human kindness towards animals makes me happy..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..