For folks who have trouble with the standard editor

Started by Mark, January 19, 2022, 10:36:43 PM

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I set the standard editor as default because the WYSIWYG editor is wh[size=100%]at causes this pro[/size][size=100%]blem that everybody moaned abou[/size][size=100%]t on PF.[/size]

BUT I see smileys buggered up, some folks can't put up pictures from links, and others can't do italics. If you are prepared to put up with corr[size=100%]ecting stuff like this every so often just do this and you can have the WYSIWYG editor as default. Just don't moan about the bu[size=100%]gs it has.[/size][/size]

Near the bottom of the page you will see

Show WYSIWYG editor on post page by default.
Click the checkbox
Click Change Profile

and you will get the WYSIWYG editor by default

If you change your mind then go back and unset the option.

Early on I bumped font sizes across the forum following complaints. I missed doing so for the WYSIWG editor. I have done that this morning. If you try the editor and the font is smaller flush your browser cache (not cookies or you'll have to sign in everywhere again).


The editor bug is fixed in the new release. No need to avoid the WYSIWYG editor now and I have switched to it myself.

To make the change or just to try it on a more permanent fashion than clicking "Toggle Source View"  which is the last icon in the formatting bar and makes the switch for the current use only...


Toward the bottom of the page shown click the checkbox labelled  "Load editor in WYSIWYG mode by default

Then click the button at the bottom labelled "Change Profile"

If you don't like it just change back.