In case you were confused...

Started by klondike, June 23, 2022, 05:54:54 PM

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Are all these gender issues confusing you?
A helpful guide to all this stuff provided by Livi who are about the only way I can get to talk to a GP albeit only on a videocall.
The thing that confuses me most is why should I care. Well apart from about all that taxpayer money being spent on this stuff which probably affects a tiny percentage of the population of course.

Your LGBTQIA+ healthcare glossary
Fortunately they go through what all those letters mean early on

It's good to moan.


What a carry on..!!! 
Do you remember the days when filling in a form in simply said 
MALE.  FEMALE.  Please tick the appropriate box..

Now you have a long list and hope you can find the one that refers to you.. 
You bet the day will come when a person is not on the list..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


I was served by a nice young man? today. long glittery nails, long hair past his shoulders, squeeky voice, he wasn't trans as he was a tall streak flat chested, but what does that matter when a bloke with his manly bits can swim in the women's team? (well not now).  He was very helpful trying to find a shampoo I wanted, when in doubt I said thanks for your help love, he didn't seem offended by that thank goodness. Why is life so confusing?