Started by klondike, June 21, 2022, 09:17:31 AM

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Sorry about the server outage. Not sure when it stopped responding or why. Fixed by rebooting the server.

It's good to moan.


Hadn't noticed any outage. :smiley: 


Spolied my breakfast that did! Glad we're back!
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It highlighted some problems for me which I'll need to sort out. I store and maintain all my bookmarks in a database and present them using a web page. When the server stopped I lost access to them all including any link to the AWS account which I can control the server from.

I had already thought of that ages ago and save a static copy of my Favourites page in Dropbox. Unfortunately the last time I refreshed that was some months ago. Before I switched over to using an AWS Lightsail server. I had to retrieve them manually from a database archive. Doh!

It also highlighted something else which I had never tested. I just set up the AWS account to do daily system snapshots. When I used the reboot option the server didn't restart correctly and I assumed that the disk was corrupted so I created a fresh instance from a snapshot. That came up but the database wasn't working. Google shows that others have had the same problem. I deleted that new instance and set up another from an earlier snapshot. Same problem. I thought I was going to have to set up a vanilla instance and build it from scratch from my own automatic backup routines. Then I saw there was an option to stop the instance and another to start it. Luckily doing that got it going again otherwise it may have been out for a couple of hours or more and I'd have been a very unhappy bunny.

It's good to moan.


I thought you had 'shut up shop'. 
Nearly went over to the other side..    :angry:
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..