Started by klondike, June 20, 2022, 08:57:29 PM

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Quora is a Q&A site that I sometimes see in google results when searching information on a variety of things. It is in some ways similar to Reddit. I registered there years back and periodically get emails aggregating topics similar to those I've visited recently. Over the years I've answered the odd question and once in a blue moon got the odd upvote on the answer (a sort of thanks I suppose).

Of late I've read quite a few Q&As on aspects of the war in Ukraine. There are obvious Russian troll posts on there and I saw one the other day which I made a tongue in cheek reply to and have received a trickle of upvotes that while still small probably comes close to matching the number I've had for other far more useful and more thought out answers.

Anyway fwiw this was the Q and my A...

How is the Crimea vacationing season this year? Are Russian people worried about safety vacationing there?
I think the back end of the year there is a block booking by the Ukranian army so it may be tricky then

It's good to moan.