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Started by Alex, March 28, 2022, 01:25:01 PM

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I need some advice I think....My old semi has wooden floors and for a few years they've creaked a bit, but it seems to be getting worse.  My experience with builders hasn't been good, I was ripped off just a couple of years ago with a leaking toilet that ended up with the complete loo being replaced and re-tiled, but that's another story.   I'm reluctant to get another builder to give me a quote, because I don't even know what the problem is, could it be floorboards, joists ?  Should I get a surveyor to come in first to find out what the problem is, if so any idea how much I'm looking at ?  I've got house insurance, buildings and contents but I've never claimed on them so no idea if insurance would cover any needed repair ?
I've been saying manana for so long now, it's time I got my head out of the sand - but where to start ?  Does anyone have any suggestions apart from MOVE  :grin:


dont you know any handy persons, it could be sorted with a single screw-erm perhaps


Yep. Screw or nail 'em down tighter. Insurance? No chance.


Are they easy to get at Alex? If so, first try talcum powder. All you do is powder the cracks and walk up and down on 'em a few times. If it's not effective then you could try a silicone spray.. At least they're possible fixes cheap.  :halo:


When I have a problem I look on the internet first and see if they can come up with any solutions..
Don't waste money on getting anyone in just yet..
We have a local site (forum) where people ask for all kinds of advice.. Being a local forum you are less likely to be stitched up because everyone would hear about it.. Perhaps you too have one..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Thanks for the suggestions, I think it's more than a loose floorboard, I had that in the sitting room years ago and got one of the joiners from work to fix it.  All retired now, or pushing up daisies. :worried: