Good Morning, Whatcha Up To The Day?

Started by Raven, December 15, 2021, 12:33:18 PM

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Colder and poorer. Colder and poorer. As I said elsewhere I think us boomers have seen the best it will be during our lifetimes. Downhill now for quite some time.


I put the heating on this morning for the first time, it's not working properly it might be the timer  :rolleyes:


My local pool is colder too Raven. It was great on the hottest days, but not so nice yesterday. 

I don't know klondike, I'm usually vaguely optimistic about life. My kids are OK, my grandchildren seem happy, and although OH and I have some health issues, they're not unusual at our age.  Even though we're not in Brian's league financially, 🙄 we live more comfortably than many generations before us. 
Its not how old you are, but how you are old. 💖


Pretty much what I meant. We do right now but....

Michael Rolls

yesterday turned the heating on low for the first time since the end of winter
Thank you for the days, the days you gave me
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Not so bad at all. Even though we have a 'Fossil' for a President! The erection of my friends House on the land by the lake foreshore starts tomorrow. Amazing, it's a four bedroom (all ensuite), 4 reception room property 3,500 sq foot bungalow. It will be erected start to finish in 30 days (footings are already completed). It has commenced arriving in pallet loads (Timber Framed). It's Gas Boiler heated, electric powered A/C (no heat pump rubbish over here, as the U.S. never joined nett zero)! It will be really interesting to watch it erected. We reckon even after the driveway construction, terraces and gardening are completed, it will easily permit residence by Xmas. Planning trauma etc over here is far quicker and with minimal red-tape and stress thank goodness, although a local architect is thankfully dealing with all that and the contractors etc.
My little Dog - A heartbeat at my feet ...


Christmas drinkkies in the new place Cass  ?  :upvote:


Good morning all.  Bright and sunny up here.

Have started the day by using up some homemade tomato juice with some un-homemade Worcestershire sauce, pepper and Vodka.  I hasten to add that this is not a regular occurrence!! But it was blooming marvellous.

Hot tub in a bit, then some prep work in the bathroom (we're having to repaint it since our decorator managed to use the wrong paint and hasn't managed to find time to come back to rectify it... silly chap as he's lost future jobs with us and others because of it).

Online tuition later.

Not much else planned.

Have a great day, each and every one of you.


Sounds like a good day to me Dex   :upvote:
Mine not so good, still full of cold but enjoyimg the sunshine out on the patio.