Why Are Football Fans so Rude?

Started by Raven, May 15, 2022, 09:57:32 AM

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I'm not a fan of the Royal Family BUT, I think the behaviour of the fans booing William is terrible. :downvote: Have they no blooming manners/respect? :angry: ALSO, why is it the fans of Football seem to be the ones who always cause havoc? :waiting: Other sports don't seem to have this problem....do they? :hmm:



1. Ignorance

2. Tribalism

3. Lack of consequences
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It seems was the Liverpool fans, which shouldn't come as any surprise.
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Yes it was Liverpool fans, as usual a small minority of anti establishment idiots who can't forget Maggie Thatcher's treatment of the city.   At some home games they chant "We're Scouse not English "  that gets booed by the rest of us normal fans  :grin:   Time to move on lads !


Quote from: -Oy- on May 15, 2022, 10:02:32 AM
1. Ignorance

2. Tribalism

3. Lack of consequences

Sums it up.  I see the behaviour near our local ground by a minority.

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I am sure there are many fans who go to watch the match and cheer their side on..
The 'yobs' shouldn't get any press coverage.. They would soon shut up if ignored..
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