How do you download a video from Twitter ?

Started by muddy, January 27, 2024, 06:37:14 PM

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They are talking about copying in the tweet url (from the top of the browser for instance) and pasting that in.

If the correct format of a YouTube link is pasted in the video window appears (the forum plug in code isn't smart enough to cope with all formats of YouTube links possible and for some you'll just see a link instead) but there is nothing similar for Twitter at all.


Many thanks Klondike for your advice .
I will try to do this on my laptop .
I really am useless with tech and hardly use the laptop since windows 10 I fail to understand anything .☹️


I know exactly how you feel.. I try so hard to understand how to do these things.. When it comes to technology I fail to understand the simplest task..
I really do try..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


Oh dear worse to come 

February 12, 2024, 10:27:56 AM
I can't get into the lap top at all because I think it's been hit with ransome ware ? 

Evil pop up and then the entire screen covered and if you press x nothing happens 

There is nothing else to press but the pay button 

Have tried both chrome and edge 



Easiest way out is to just restore your backup. No backup reinstall windows but you'll need to create the install media using a different machine. Anything you install on that machine now using the machine which you probably can't anyway will be infected immediately.

You might be able to boot into recovery mode if your machine has a recovery partition (not all do). You have already lost any personal data on it that wasn't backed up.


I have thrown in the towel Klony and sent it to a computer man .
He's hasn't got back to me I hope it not beyond him to fix .
I rang up two places the first said he would put me on his waiting list ( two weeks) 
They both said there have been a lot of these ransome attacks lately .


It is certainly fixable and if the drive was not encrypted by the virus your data could probably be recovered. The question is what is the cost and is that less than the cost of replacement.


He fixed it said it was riddled with all sorts of nasties .
Cost me £75