Coal Power Plants in Use Again.

Started by Raven, March 07, 2023, 05:20:09 PM

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The Greens and Greta types will be having hissy fits all over the place.  Personally I'm glad this has happened as it shows that Wind Power, good as it is, can't supply all our needs.

BBC News - Emergency coal power plants used for first time as UK sees cold snap


I don't know why they are saying "for the first time" as they have been in use on many occasions over the winter. At least according to they have although usually at about half the nearly 2GW they show currently.

Wind has on occasions been even less that the pitiful 7% it is producing now - even less than 5% at times so there are occasions when even 20 times the number of turbines wouldn't satisfy demand. Government energy policy has left us very exposed. I'm surprised we didn't have cuts this winter and that's with only a tiny proportion of electric cars. Come 2030 only electric cars will be on sale new. 2029 might be a good time to invest in diesel cars for resale and candles for the evenings in 2030.


Yes.  I'll be glad when this 'net-zero' nonsense dies a natural death.
It has been damaging this country for long enough now.  I wouldn't mind, but any supposed damage we are doing to the atmosphere is negligible compared to what China, India, and others are doing.
Why don't the objectors go and persuade those other countries to stop 'destroying the planet'?

We have millions of tons of coal under our feet.  Perhaps when this woke movement has run its course, we can actually make use of it for our own benefit.  We no longer have hundreds of mill chimneys pouring out unfiltered coal as we used to have.  It has been shown that coal can be burnt efficiently and with minimal damage to the environment.
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