Taliban is Back

Started by Alex, November 19, 2023, 10:24:47 PM

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Not that they ever went away.....

Europe's borders have started to look like a warzone with heavily armed guards facing-off against Taliban-backed people smuggling gangs carrying assault rifles.

Recent footage taken on the Serbia-Hungary border, an area dubbed a no-man's land, showed a man carrying a machine gun pointing at CCTV cameras that monitor the razor-wire covered fence between the two nations.

This route is now being favoured by hordes of undocumented migrants seeking to breach Europe's defences and according to the Telegraph, the Afghanistan-based hardline Islamist group, the Taliban, took over people smuggling operations last year



Blame sleepy Joe. Not only did the yanks walk out at short notice they left a load of weaponry too.


As to the Taliban - many years ago one of my Hungarian relatives said to me that the reason why the Americans aren't welcome everywhere is that they think that their way of life is the only ideal one, but some countries have problems in changing their way of life quickly and adopting the new way. Many Afghans in the villages can't read and write, so they just believe what they are told by the person who can read and write or what they see and hear on television. Moreover, in such countries women are just good for working. 


Brute as he was, Saddam kept all those terrorist groups under control. If America had left things alone and minded it's own business then we may not be in the mess we are today.  :waiting:
I'll never forget that President Bush coming on the News and gloating "we've got him"  the smirk on his face, it made my blood run cold.


That's so true Saddam kept them in check !