wrapping up christmas presents

Started by alfred, December 21, 2021, 07:00:26 PM

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Many years ago i had the job of wrapping up my brothers Christmas presents a job i was selected  to do as directed by my mother,

well a long time later i  completed my tasks and waited until well into the early Christmas day morning , so at about 0245 i decided to creep up the stairs and very very quietly tip toe into my brothers bed room and tiptoe out

i don't suppose i had gone down three steps on the stairs when there was an ear shattering yell as my brother tore into the presents at break neck speed,  so much for a surprise on Christmas  day morning, how ever  a few years later he was old enough to know in advance what he was going to get,

and what a relief it was for me, of course mother supplied us with a pillow case as we expected many presents  how ever much to our surprise was a hand  of  full of cob nuts,  walnuts, orange, apple,  i couldn't imagine people doing that today , as many young children could end up chocking
talk about health and safety,

Q; did you as a child have lovely Christmas surprises as a child . if so will you share your memories with us,

Wishing you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year,
take care best wishes,


Michael Rolls

My brother - four years younger than me - and I always shared a bedroom (wouldn't that be seen as deprivation nowadays?) and I remember waking him one Christmas Day morning when I saw the presents on the foot of our beds 'He's been' I yelled
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alfred I'll reply completely off topic. I did reply to your PM but not sure if you would have read it before I removed the PM option. I have put a post about that and why in the Admin notices section.

Anyway Christmas presents which in my case were often combined with my birthday which is close to Christmas. My Grandmother was one of 12. Half from one husband and half from another after the first died. One was killed in the trenches of the first world war and some either died or were lost track of but I still had a lot of what were really great aunts and uncles but were just aunts and uncles to me. So I got a lot of presents.

At a young age one of the presents was a penknife. Probably an unwise present but somehow I opened it and I don't think it was noticed. It was a very nice knife. It had a picture scene of cowboys (maybe) on the painted side handles and a nice sharp blade. I tested that blade by cutting notches in the dining chair legs. Possibly every chair and possibly multiple notches.

Inexplicably I lost that knife. I'm sure I put it on my bedside table but in the morning I couldn't find it.

An unsolved mystery.

Michael Rolls

Probably a previous incarnation of Brian dun tuk it!
Mike 😁😁
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I love wrapping up Christmas presents, even the awkward shaped ones.  Is it just me ?  :grin:

Michael Rolls

I'm the opposite - can't make a decent job of wrapping things, no matter how hard I try
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Not something I like doing either  :sad: Usually manage to make a pigs ear out of it.


I use coloured tissue paper or brown paper to wrap mine.. And raffia to tie them..
I love seeing them under the tree..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..