Author Topic: Please read this - posting problems?  (Read 226 times)


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Please read this - posting problems?
« on: February 02, 2022, 12:38:18 pm »
I've had a number of people having problems using the default editor.

Copy /paste of pictures from Facebook
Setting bold or italics

It was one thing I didn't set the same as PF. I left the default setup to be to use the (surprise surprise) default editor. PF is set to use the WYSIWYG editor by default and that editor has the still unfixed bug that causes to to see st[size=110%]uff like th[/size][size=110%]is in your pos[/size][size=110%]ts.[/size]

There were many moans about that "feature" on PF so I decided to stick with the default editor which is slightly different in the way some things are done. The change seems to be causing people problems.

I produced a tip on how to set which editor you want by default...,399.0.html
I have set the option for some people using the Admin account to tweak their profile.
I have now set the default for new users to be the WYSIWYG editor. I have not globally changed everybodies default

The option on which editor to use is yours.