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New Domain
« on: January 09, 2022, 02:03:31 am »
As you will see the forum is running on it's new domain.

You will find that as new posts is driven by cookies and this is a new domain there won't be any stored by your browser yet so everything will apparently be new, That will quickly sort itself out.

There is a distinct chance that I have missed something somewhere so if you spot anything odd please say and I'll fix it. Or at least try to.

Although if you have stored the old forum url in your favourites you will be pushed here that wont remain so forever so it will pay to update such links.

I had a chat with my son who does do this stuff for a living and followed his recomendartions. The site is running on Amazon Lightsail web services and with Cloudflare front ending it. The setup looks to be twice as fast as the Raspberry Pi.