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Someone we know, who is in his early sixties, ended up in hospital for ten days with Covid.  He continued to be ill when he came home and his GP kept giving him AB until he was so ill he went to A&E.  They admitted him and drained litres of fluid from his lungs over the next few days, eventually 'zapping' his heart to get the proper rhythm back.  If I were him, I would change my GP.
I agree he should get checked out.  However GPs aren’t experts.  Some years ago my OH was treated for digestive issues over months by the GP.  The surgery were aware of his previous heart failure.  He eventually was admitted to hospital via A&E after GP sent him in an ambulance when it was obvious it was serious. It took the cardiac specialists more than two weeks to identify fluid in his pericardium which was putting pressure on his heart.  It was so bad they couldn’t drain it via keyhole, they had to open him up.  The difference was amazing.