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Started by alfred, December 27, 2021, 08:05:12 PM

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going back over the years invariably when going into a pub with friends for a pint or two, at times there is a person who will drink your round, but never put their hands in their pockets, to buy a round

recently iv heard this similar story where a group of ladies were having a drink, and having notice one individual , doing just that so the next time they went out they all bought their own, which solved the problem once and for all

Q; have you ever been in a  group where this had happened, if so what did you do about it,.


It has been years since I've been in a rounds situation. With big groups it simply isn't possible anyway given the price of drinks in pubs. The deep pockets short armed characters are always known and unfortunately always get away with it apart from the odd comment. It makes more sense to split into small groups and although drinking together just buying a few drinks as and when.

In short I am not aware of any real solution. It's just part of life. Like taxes.


I think I am rather a generous person and have, in the past, found myself at the front of the queue.. On being asked by the counter assistant 'Are you all together'? I have often replied 'Yes'..
Stupid is as stupid does..
The worse offenders are those who say 'You can afford it.. you have more money than me'.. :nooo:    I don't do it anymore.. I have good mates..
Don't ask me.. I know nuffink..


My mate and I used to take our drinks in an empty quarter vodka bottle, then buy a coke to mix it.  Places got wise to it though...... :grin:  In the pub we'd buy our drinks, but club prices were way over the top.  :grin: